The year was 2015, during this time Thomas was in final year Ph.D., where he began to reconnect with martial arts, a long time passion since childhood. Being an avid martial artist and a physicist by training, his scientific mind soon led him to ask "how can science be used to improve martial arts training", "how can one create an out-of-the-lab environment to analyze live streaming martial art movement data?",  While these questions remain unanswered at that time, they laid down the groundwork which later inspired the development of an application that would soon revolutionize martial arts.


Soon after his graduation, Thomas relocated to Hong Kong, where he met David at work. David started his career as an investment banker after completing his masters in Financial Mathematics. Being a talented software developer, David is always looking for uncharted areas where machine learning can be applied. The two started to collaborate with David’s younger brother, Chung. Prior to joining the team, Chung was a key developer in Eggseedgame, where successfully launched numerous mobile games with 40K/week download in China app store. He brings together expertise in mobile applications development and UX design.


The team set out their journey to build a company that modernizes martial arts. As of 2017, JabJabX has reached the minimally viable product stage, with additional field testings being carried out. A list of ambassadors has also been shortlisted as early adopters for the product.